Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • But as I see Him there, I realize the terrible truth: to see the risen God, to see him conquer death and walk away from His tomb…there is no possible response but worship. I can no longer hide behind the veil of faith; I have seen this truth with my own eyes, and I cannot help but offer Him my everything. My life cannot be the same.

  • The seminarians I knew in college

    drank handfuls of wine on Maundy Thursday

    and quickly wiped all that spilled down their

    chins. They dirtied our floor with wash basins,

    sooty puddles, and the Yerushalmi dirt

    of our footprints:

  • Sometimes, in my work and life, lament is the only way forward. The only thing I can seem to do is grieve, argue, and find fault, to complain, to “cling obstinately to God and demand for God to see, hear, and act.” I wonder if lament is a step towards the kind of freedom my vicar spoke of, where we learn through lament to love our neighbor and bear their burden…