Welcome to a deeply important conversation about keeping children safe from sexual abuse.  In an afternoon, you’ll gain invaluable information about how to approach a difficult subject, from conversations to have with friends, family, neighbors, babysitters, coaches and other caregivers, about kids’ body safety and quick tools that can be easily implemented with your children like, “You are the boss of your body,” and “We don’t keep secrets, but surprises are okay.” The presenter, Feather Berkower, makes a difficult topic less scary!

Specifically, the Parenting Safe Children workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Creating a communication-rich environment for children
  • Empowering children to set and maintain boundaries
  • Body-safety rules
  • Characteristics of safe homes & schools
  • Secrets
  • Age-appropriate sexual behavior
  • “Teachable Moments”
  • Tips for screening childcare providers – “Building your prevention team”
  • Teaching manners while also teaching kids to say, “NO” if they are un-safe
You will leave the workshop feeling like it was the best investment (both time and money) you’ve ever made toward your child’s well-being.
Check out ParentingSafeChildren for more info and register HERE.