Staff / Elders / Deacons


    Will was born and raised in Colorado, and is now serving as the Pastor of All Souls Church of Boulder.  Will graduated from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI.  He has worked in youth ministry, missions, and church planting, but is excited to now call Boulder home. In his free time, Will can be found fishing, reading Russian literature, biking, or drinking a good IPA.  He is married to Lauren; they have been greatly blessed with their son, Liam, and daughter, Ellie.



    Rachel recently joined All Souls as the Director of Children and Family Ministry. She was born and raised in Michigan and after living multiple places around the country, she is happy to call Boulder home. Having worked as an elementary school teacher, personal trainer and stay-at-home mom, Rachel believes that Family Ministry is a vital part of a church community. She feels passionate that children learn and experience the love of Christ and that parents are supported as they strive to live out their faith in their home and in the world. In her spare time Rachel enjoys running, biking, cooking and camping with her husband, Reuben, and three kids, Kaatje, Brody and Ian.



    Adam has been at All Souls since 2010 and is currently pursuing an M.Div at Western Theological Seminary as a part of the Newbigin House of Studies distance program. He enjoys organizing and working with our community groups, preaching from time to time and working with our celebrants. He also loves to fly fish and play in the mountains with his wife Emily and new puppy Benz.


  • DIRECTOR OF MUSIC & WORSHIP – Justin Anderson

    Justin joined All Souls as Worship Leader in 2016 and is currently pursuing his degree in psychology. He is a Minnesota boy who accepted Colorado into his heart at a young age. He loves continental philosophy, contemplative practice, mountains, the NBA, craft beer and most of all, his beautiful wife, Holly.


    Alita joined the All Souls staff in the fall of 2014. She’s an ex-academic, writer, wife, and new mom living in sunny Boulder, Colorado. She makes homemade cinnamon rolls each Easter.


  • Children and Family Ministry Assistant – Leah Cousin

    Leah has been living in Boulder and going to All Souls for the past 5 and a half years. She currently works at Isabelle Farm (in Lafayette), and owns a small catering company. She’s passionate about sustainability, community, and of course, tasty veggies.

  • Seminary Intern – Emily Walz

    Emily moved to Boulder three years ago to work with Lifelines, a ministry of Cru. She has since left that job to pursue a master’s degree in Christian Formation and Soul Care at Denver Seminary. She has been attending All Souls since her first month in Colorado as is excited to see the church continue to grow in their love for and understanding of the Gospel. Her constant love is for true, deep conversations with friends and strangers alike, though she will never turn down a conversation about pop culture and guilty pleasures.

  • Randy Cain

    Randy brought his family to Boulder in 1987 to start a new business, designing and operating integrated courier and mailroom systems for hospitals around the U.S. He has three Korean girls and a Korean boy. His passions are studying the Word through Logos Software, cooking and improving his golf game.

  • Andrea Finlay

    Andrea Finlay was born in California but is a Colorado girl at heart; she loves to spend her free time outdoors running and hiking with her husband Rob and sweet puppy Finn.  She also loves to read, travel, learn new things and is slowly learning to love cooking.  An engineer-turned math teacher – turned back to an engineer, Andrea’s secret dream job is to become a wedding planner/matchmaker.  

  • Lindsey Holmes

    Lindsey Holmes was raised in Northern Idaho and has lived in Colorado for 10 years.  She has worked in Aerospace and Tech and is a mommy to two super fun kiddos.  She loves the outdoors, being active, traveling, good food, and playing with her family.

  • Mike Soltys

    Mike Soltys is an instructor of engineering at the University of Colorado. He enjoys skiing, fishing, and cycling with his wife Courtney.  

  • Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor is an asker of questions, a semi-reckless mountain biker, and has been in pursuit of the perfect burger for a number of years. He’s a native Southern Californian who lived in Nashville for nearly a decade before coming, with his family, to Louisville, CO in 2011.

  • Becky McKay

    Becky and her husband Kyle moved to Boulder by way of Durham, NC on New Year’s Eve 2011. She feels beyond blessed to be working at her dream job: a book editor for Blue Mountain Arts. Preferring A/C and cable TV to the outdoors, Becky is still working on adopting the Boulder lifestyle. She doesn’t have kids, a dog, or a Ph.D., but she does have two deep fryers, moose mittens, and a giant teddy bear named Bearon von Hugs-a-lot. Becky is passionate about caring for and loving on other people. She embraces all things mainstream, and karaoke, baking, and playing games (board, cards, trivia, and with your heart) are some of her favorite pastimes.

  • Jon Crider

    Jon has been attending All Souls for at least four years. He grew up in New Mexico and after a brief, hot and humid stint on the east coast returned to a more sane climate in Colorado. Jon enjoys hanging out with the people he cares about and discussing the meaningful things in life.

  • Lora Homeyer

    Lora Homeyer has attended All Souls since 2011 after moving from her East Coast roots, and she, her husband Andrew, and their daughter Camille are continuously thrilled to be at home with Boulder’s beautiful people and playscape. Lora delights in exploring, experiencing, and capturing life’s simple moments; you’ll meet her along a trail (on foot or bike), next to a mountain stream, on a park swing (or pushing the swing these days!), behind a camera, in the pages of a journal, surrounded by her family or across the table from a friend.

  • Reid Morgan

    Reid Morgan is a recent graduate from CU’s MBA program and has fallen hard for Boulder since he moved here two years ago. From growing up in Indiana, to working in the Colorado mountains on a couple of  guest ranches, to diving into life on the front range, Christ and community have consistently been life-consuming pursuits. A self-proclaimed “extreme extrovert” Reid will likely collapse into a personal existential crisis if he doesn’t engage in human interaction at least every 20-30 minutes through his waking hours. He loves nothing more than bringing people together and connecting with them. He is beyond excited to bring that passion to the leadership team at All Souls.

  • Julie Robertson

    While a proud Virginia native, Julie Robertson currently calls Boulder home. She works in marketing as a brand strategist at Egg Strategy. In her free time, you can find her at Boulder Indoor Soccer – sharing a cold brew with friends and maybe playing some soccer too. She also enjoys painting, eating a breakfast of champions, and hanging in her hammock. She loves connecting with people of all ages, and has a special spot in her heart for the kiddos of All Souls.

  • Nicole Nutting

    Nicole Nutting has called Boulder home since 2005 when she drove out from California knowing only one person. She tried to leave once but came back only a few months later and hopes to never leave again. She has spent the last few years home with her young kids but has recently embarked back into the working world to pursue her love of architectural design. Nicole enjoys drinking good beer with her husband Judd, long emoji-filled text conversations with good friends, crafting, cooking, and step aerobics.

  • Jon Walz

    Jonathan Walz is a Minnesota native who moved to Boulder in 2010 and still prefers water to mountains. He has a love for bringing people together and creating spaces for fellowship, especially through food. When Jon isn’t cooking up a storm, he can be found working as a software engineer or taking pop culture way too seriously (especially video games, good TV, and NBA basketball).

  • Rosemary Thompson

    Rosemary Thompson grew up in Wyoming and France and has lived in Colorado for over 10 years. She worked with Habitat for Humanity in Greeley and came to All Souls when she moved to coordinate a matched savings program called Personal Investment Enterprise with Foothills United Way. Rosemary enjoys cooking, traveling and being outdoors. She is beginning to garden through her local community garden this season.