Your life is a story. And your story is not finished yet. Everyday begins a new page. You are always being formed and transforming in one way or another. But for many of us we fear that our good story has passed us by, sense the demand to make sure we “get life right,” or maybe we have found that we have fallen asleep and become numb to the story we are living.  

What would happen if we allowed our story to join with the greatest story ever told—God’s grand narrative? How may God’s story transform our story? How might it wake us up? So that we are more present to creation, to being human, to failure, to freedom, to weeping and redemption. The Bible is more than a collection of books to be studied—it is a story that is awakening us to ourselves, to others, and most importantly to God.  

For a whole year we invite you to take a journey from creation to restoration, from Genesis to Revelation. Like following a long winding river we will be taking an overview of the biblical story and live into a fresh introduction or re-orientation to Christian faith.

May God’s story shape our story. May we come alive again.


We’re excited to spend the year delving deeply into the Word–the Story–of God.  We hope the following resources may guide you during this year-long journey.